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Human Rights Activist Accuses US, Obama of Mass Genocide

Geneva, Switzerland – Dr. Hans Furter has been tracking tales of genocide for over 4 decades. From the Pol Pot’s killing fields of Cambodia to Slobodan Milosevic’s campaign of ethnic cleansing in the former Yugolsav Republic, Dr. Furter says he had thought he had seen it all before but now he says evidence is surfacing that may implicate the United States and President Barack Obama in tale of mass killings that, if proven true, would rival the Stalinist purges.

According to Dr. Furter, evidence for the crime first began to surface in early September when president Obama was addressing a joint session of congress in what was obstensibly an effort to sell healthcare reform.

“In his speech,” Dr. Furter says as he begins to lay out his case, “the American president said 30 million Americans were without health insurance. Before this speech the ‘official’ government figure had been repeatedly touted as 47 million.”

In other words, since Obama began his push for healthcare reform 17 million people have mysteriously disappeared.

In fact, Dr. Furter calls the extermination so complete that it appears as if the suddenly missing 17 million never had any form of documentation to prove they ever existed.

“It is chilling,” says Dr. Furter. “And while one is loathe to leap to consiracy theories it must be admitted by any objective observer would have to admit that the United States is ruled by a bureaucracy that could easily make millions of people disappear in a labyrinth of paperwork and regulatory gymnastics.”

And it isn’t just the bureacracy that rivals Adolf Eichmann’s wildest fantasies, it is scores of government officials known as “czars” who wield the powers of policy setting and budgetary authority, roles constitutionally reserved for the US congress, that gives a chilling capacity to the perceived threat.

Dr. Furter says he does not enter into his accusations lightly. He freely confesses that when Obama was campaigning for president last year that he too had become starstruck by the young, fresh-faced senator from Illinois.

“Alas, it is a sad hallmark of the human condition that those would would rule with an iron fist have no trouble in ‘disappearing’ those who would impede their efforts to seize power by any means necessary. I wish it were not so, but what else could a reasonable person call it?”


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ACORN Scandal Continues to Grow

Washington DC – Two young, would-be investigative journalists have been heating-up the internet with a series of videos they have surreptitiously recorded at ACORN offices across the country. With each new day comes a new video that add to the discomfort and embarrassment to entrenched political interests that have long utilized ACORN’s social outreach and voter registration services.

In these videos the young couple pose as a young prostitute and her “manager” and make inquiries with the targetted offices as to how best evade paying taxes from their illicit business, purchase homes from which to run their brothel and even import under-aged girls from foreign countries to service clients. All the while members of the ACORN staff are willfully and cheefully seen giving every manner of assistance to disguise what are inarguably some of the most troubling sorts of crime.

The videos would be disturbing enough except that it has been revealed another sort of scandal may be emerging. Grainy photographs recently obtained by BNN purport to show an unnamed client working with ACORN staffers for the purpose of bring a number of whores into the house he just acquired in Washington DC wherin they intended to service some of the most unsavory clientele.

This new scandal also involves the pimp being involved in the acquisition of homes using unreported funding sources, tax evasion and undocumented workers.



It is not known how extensive the new prostitution ring has since become but some observers say it may rival the the 535 member whorehouse just down the road from its location at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

In Other National Political News

Honky Says Opposition to Obama Motivated by Racism



Some white trash hick gave up doding tornados in the trailer park long enough to open-up his lily skinned pie hole to claim opposition to Obama’s policies is motivated by racism.  

Cow Flatulence No Longer Seen as Prominent Global Warming Threat

While cow methane is seen as a significant contributor to green house gasses a recent study reveals that polar bears are much closer to the North Pole than cows and as such they present a more immeidate threat than cow farts that must travel thousands of miles. Some experts have called for an immediate polar bear eradication program to be implemented.



In a similar note experts agree human contributions to methane output have equally dire consequences for the envirnment and as such demand all foods that contribute to green house gassing be outlawed. The Mexican Restaurant Owners Association and National Oktoberfest Committee announced plans to protest the study as being unduly critical of their concerns.

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