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Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You: Tiger Woods in:


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And Now A Word from Our Sponsor: Kthul-Aid

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And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

If you’ve been keeping abreast of the latest environmental news than you’ve already heard that plush toilet paper is bad for the planet. No doubt you’ve wanted to do your part. Well, if you’ve got Al Gore’s back he’s got yours because one good environmental movement deserves another.

reusableIntroducing the Re-Usab-Al!

Made from the finest northern Califiornia braided hemp and Soviet-era recycled corrogated cardboard, each Re-Usab-Al is emblazoned with Vice President Gore’s smiling visage so you know he’s behind your every push to keep our world happy and clean.

Hey! Maybe it won’t cut down on all of your greenhouse gas emissions but who says you can’t wipe away your nagging conscious with Re-Usab-Als

But wait, there’s more! The Re-Usab-Al can also be used to exfoliate your skin, make quick work of burnt-on lasagna and make old, tarnished cast iron skillets shine like new!

So why don’t you show Al Gore your heart and your head are in the right place and order your Re-Usab-Al today!

Brought to you by the maker’s of Green Pees: the enviro-friendly cleansing supplement that let’s you pass those nettlesome FBI screenings so you can become a presidential appointee.

This is how you save the world!

"This is how I would save the world!"

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