Economists Confront Unexpected Downturns

Chicago University – Economists here have been an integral part of President Obama’s economic policy formulations but in the last 16 months they have had to deal with several unexpected setbacks.

Despite advising the government to extend unemployment benefits for as long as 2 years the number of workers not seeking new jobs remins unexpectedly high.

Likewise, a program to extend government funding for troubled mortgages homeowners are unable to afford has unexpectedly done nothing to curtail the number of foreclosures.

But now a number of unanticipated events have taken a more personal toll on the advisory team.

Last month macro-economist Hans Oldenburg was unexpectedly electrocuted while taking a leisurely bath when he reached up to adjust the radio set precariously on the side of his tub.

Earlier this week nearly the entire faculty staff of the economics school unexpectedly burnt their mouths on coffee that had finished brewing. Only a student lecturer, who had brought an iced latte to the meeting, escaped the scalding unharmed; although it is not clear why at this time. University administrators are currently investigating the incident further.

In another turn of events that was not expected a female staffer became pregnant after taking sabbatical in Jamaica. Although she is not entirely certain as to the exact details, alcohol–and a local soccer–team may have been involved.


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