Announcement: Our Denouncement

First they came for the funny, but I said nothing because I was not funny...

First they came for the funny, but I said nothing because I was not funny...

To our readers…both of you (Hi, mom!)…we are delighted to announce that we have been denounced by The People’s Cube, the most politcally korrekt website on the internet for socialist merchandising and profit-making enterprises. It is with great honor that we have gained their condemnation and we look forward to be reviled by them for many years to come. Such deep-seated mistrust and loathing does not come easy and we hope we never disappoint such low expectations. So , won’t you please take a moment to visit The People’s Cube and become an object of fear and ridicule among the oppressed masses.



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5 responses to “Announcement: Our Denouncement

  1. Whoopie

    Oh great, just what this stinking rotten racist country needs, another rightwing reactionary website dedicated to mocking the one true messiah, Obama.

    When we at the Cube get done reforming this nation, we’re gonna drag your bunny tail to the nearest gulag. Then we’ll see who’s laughing.

    In the meantime I’ve bookmarked your site just so I can keep an eye on you and your subversive activities.

  2. Reiuxcat

    Mr. Snuggle Bunny,

    I do enjoy your videos that were posted on the Cube a while back.


    PS a simple DNA test will make that paternity thing go away, or will it?

  3. Carl

    Maybe if you weren’t so “middle of the road” more sites would denounce you!

    • Mr. Snuggle Bunny

      You know, I’ve kind of considered that myself. I was thinking maybe I should gear this website towards a more Luddite minded audience.

      That should bring ’em in!

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