Critical Allies Expressing Doubts Over Obama Agenda

Many former supporters say the President is "simply going too far."

Many former supporters say the President is "simply going too far."

New York, NY – Former Secretary of State Colin Powell isn’t the only major political figure to reconsider the wisdom of his endorsement of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign last year.

On Friday the Legion of Doom said it was strongly reconsidering its on-going advocacy of Obama’s domestic agenda.

“It’s not like we aren’t sympathetic to notions of a strong, centralized executive authority,” said Lex Luthor, the group’s founder and leader said in an exclusive interview with BNN.

“We could maybe look past the firings of CEOs and nettlesome members of the Inspectors General office,” Luthor intoned not bothering to hide his frustrations, “but even though we endorse total control of the economy at the end of the day even we want to be able to show a profit. I mean, the man is trying to control what sort of light bulbs you’re allowed to put in your house!” Luthor groused from within his dimly light inner sanctum. “When did you ever see any of us reach for that level of control?”

“And don’t even get me started on the military research and funding budgets cuts! We had plans you know.”

Brainiac, speaking from within his giant floating head-like spaceship added, “I never thought it would come to this. I can’t think of how he plans to pay for all this.”

“This is not the Barack Obama we knew,” said Sinestro.

“Grundy sad,” said another member of the super-villian group on conditions of anonymity because he was not authorized to make public comments.

Indeed recent polls suggest that while personal opinions of Obama remained high support for the president’s agenda continued to soften. Ernst Stavro Blofeld said the Obama had, “over promised and under delivered” on key issues and Aurich Goldfinger said he had felt betrayed by the president’s monetary policies.

However, many allies remain loyal to President Obama. Most notably, the Borg Collective said they were pleased with the president’s performance to date. “We are where we hoped we would be at this point in Obama’s first term,” said spokesdrone Six of Eight.

They should have seen it coming.

They should have seen it coming.

In Other National Political News

Palin Resignation Comes at Critical Time

More interesting than a dead pedophile.

More interesting than a dead pedophile.

Alaska Govenor Sarah Palin’s surprise announcement that she would be resigning her post effective July 26th sent shockwaves through the national press that was in danger of running out of dead celebrities. Had the govenor made her decision any later the media might have been reduced to reporting on Obama’s policy agenda.

Tied in to a string of celebrity controversies, gaffes and deaths, Palin’s resignation brought the newscycle to the beginning of its 6th straight month of not having to report on anything substanitial a record that has not been broken since the OJ Simpson trial on charges of murder.

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