Former Beauty Pageant Queen Sues Over Release of Sex Video

What does a girl have to do to get a little disrespect around here?

What does a girl have to do to get a little disrespect around here?

Hemingford, NE – Nebraskan beauty queen Melissa Rogers filed suit today over the release of videos believed to have been taken by her former boyfriend, Raymond St. James, during some of the couple’s more intimate encounters. In the suit it is alleged that Miss Rogers’ modelling career has suffered irrevocable harm causing her to seek more than $1 million in damages plus an unspecified sum for emotional distress.

The initial filing claims that, “despite a contentious break-up instigated by the plaintiff, the defendant did fail to release the videos on the internet or to a tabloid magazine for a considerable fee and by refusing to release the videos the defendant has deprived the plaintiff of scathing media scrutiny during a critical juncture in her career.”

Ms Rogers’, who was hoping to surrender her crown in disgrace when the scandal broke, said she was devastated by the non-disclosure. “All the other girls have their videos dumped on YouTube when they break-up with their boyfriends; why not me? They guys are always bragging to their friends, ‘Yeah, I got some of that’ why isn’t he bragging about nailing me?”

The current Miss Soybean Festival 2008 says she dressed in her best low-cut, T-string lingerie for the grainy, poorly-lit video which she describes as one of her “best performances” but the video never appeared on any of the celebrity gossip websites.

“They always said he was a sweet guy and would never do anything like this,” Rogers’ said in a prepared statement as she tried without success to hold back her tears. “I can’t believe how right they were. All those poses, all the times I debased myself, the outfits; he’s kept them all to himself. I can’t believe I trusted him to do this to me.”

When asked by this reporter if Ms. Rogers was willing to appear on stage making-out with an aging fmale pop-singer to offer allusions of a lesbian tryst a family friend said they hoped that it wouldn’t have to come to that.

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